New England Watershed Magazine

I published nine issues of New England Watershed, from 2005 to 2007. A journal of culture, art, and ideas, as well as the landscape and history of the Connecticut River corridor, contributors to the magazine included Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Maxine Kumin, Presidential Medal of Science recipient Lynn Margulis, former U. S. Poet Laureate Donald Hall, illustrator Barry Moser, and food writer Michael Pollan, among others.

Utne Reader, a national magazine that celebrates the best of the independent press, named New England Watershed Best New Publication of 2006 in its annual Utne Independent Press Awards. New England Watershed “casts an exceptionally wide lens on a variety of questions pertaining to regional identity,” and “reads like a toolbox of ideas,” wrote Utne’s editors.

A limited supply of back issues of New England Watershed are available for $9.95, or $79.95 for a complete set (price includes shipping). To order, send an email to and indicate the issue(s) and quantity.

New England Watershed Vol I, No 1

Vol. I, No. 1: The changing face of New England

New England Watershed Vol I, No 2

Vol. I, No. 2: Cultural Wars and the Connecticut Six

New England Watershed Vol I, No 3

Vol. I, No. 3: Stormy minds and wintry weather

New England Watershed Vol I, No 4

Vol. I, No. 4: Highway 91 revisited

New England Watershed Vol I, No 5

Vol. I, No. 5: Making space

New England Watershed Vol I, No 6

Vol. I, No. 6: Growing strains

New England Watershed Vol II, No 1

Vol. II, No. 1: The genie in the medicine cabinet

New England Watershed Vol II, No 2

Vol. II, No. 2: Building our energy future

New England Watershed Vol II, No 3

Vol. II, No. 3: Puzzling

(Watershed) offers an eclectic array of articles and poetry by New England authors, augmented by sophisticated design, photography and illustration.”

Hartford Courant, December 2005

New England Watershed’s first issue arrived in our mail recently without advance notice, and now we look forward to seeing more.”

Utne Reader, January-February 2006

With glossy pages that show off impressive photo and art essays … Watershed may be a magazine that harkens back to a lost era of civility and intellectualism, but its production is as high-tech as today’s Wi-Fi world.”

New Haven Register, April 2006

New England Watershed Magazine captures the soul of the New England region with its stealthily offbeat yet informative and level-headed approach.”

Library Journal, May 2006


  1. Hello Mr. Powell,

    I am contacting you on behalf of the Barnard College Religion Department. We are compiling the collected works of Professor Randall Balmer. Your publication features one of the articles we require and we were hoping to obtain a copy from you. The article we are requesting was published in New England Watershed Magazine Volume 2 and is titled “Fearsome As A Hurricane: Religious Radicalism in New England.”

    We can be reached at (212)-854-2597, or by email at If you would prefer to be contacted at another email, please let us know.

    Thank you for your help,
    Lura, Barnard College Religion Department

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